How to Monetize Twitter

So you got your Twitter Account humming. Maybe you bought the book Long John Twitter and are adding and retaining followers by the thousands. Some of you may have a micro news agency going and are gaining followers virally. Everyday there are news articles about how popular Twitter is becoming and you are one of them. Everything is good except one small problem. You are not making any money. Is that you?

As the book 'Long John Twitter' explains, Twitter is a great tool for initiating and maintaining relationships, generating leads and traffic but at the end of the day, many people would like to see it generate some good old hard cash. Well don't despair. Our report 'How to Monetize Twitter' will help you start making money off of your Twitter Account. For a limited time, we are giving away this report valued at $19.99 for Free.

Monetizing Twitter

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Twitter for Business

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