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My book 'Long John Twitter' (LJT) launched in May 2009 was received very favorably and helped me get familiar with all kinds of Twitter users. When I was writing LJT, I had the professional marketer and business person in mind. Over the last few months, I have noticed another kind of Twitter user that I wasn't too familiar with – the student and the social media hobbyist. These two groups are joining Twitter by the droves but their reasons are very different than businessmen and professional marketers. These two groups, students and social media hobbyists primarily want to use Twitter for fun. However; while having fun, they do want to have some bragging rights and want to outdo their friends in the number of followers they have.

The original book 'Long John Twitter' addresses the subject of acquiring followers and retaining them on a long term basis. But it is more of a marketing book and takes a more detailed approach to Twitter and it's sister Apps. It is an overkill for those who want to get a quick 500 to 1000 or 2000 followers and show off a bit.

It is great to see the enthusiasm of this group jockeying for position and hopefully this report / booklet helps in getting those quick followers to brag about.

As this is an abbreviated version of the original book 'Long John Twitter', I have named it LJT Lite.

There are several ways to follow people:

  • Manual – that is one at a time

  • Semi-automatic – that is a bunch at a time but initiated manually

  • Automatic – you set up your parameters and the system / software follows people round the clock without any daily intervention from you.

  • Outsource it – let some company do it for you as at LJT Get Followers service.

    Automatic and Outsourcing is out of the scope of this booklet as it is not intended for those who have a more ambitious agenda. We will however; cover manual and semi-automatic and use FREE services to do that.

This eBooklet is intended to help you build a decent base of followers. Whether you want to have 500 followers or 5,000 or more, the methods taught will keep you growing your followers. If you build a sizeable follower base, you can look into monetizing it but that is a different subject.

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